"Many thanks again for sending us the inception report. We have reviewed it and our feedback is therefore positive and brief. We are glad the first set of interviews with partners have gone well. The introduction of the POIRE concept is a clever way to summarize key concepts and we agree it can be useful to inform the workshop’. The annex on TOCs and first comments on outcome/indicator setting are interesting. We can see how these insights may help us and look forward to discussing this during the workshop as well"

"Thank you very much for the documents and your support during the mission. That was very helpful..."

"Bob has been instrumental in establishing structure and procedure in our Quality Management System, the Standard Operating Procedures within it, and the associated Mine Action Framework. He has put us in a leading position in external circles, in particular with his approach to Risk Education – UNICEF, for example, requested his personal involvement in leading work on IED Risk Education standards within the International Mine Action Standards Review Board. There is much more – his support to the field, training expertise, establishment of the Technical Group…the list goes on..."